Stomach problems in son with mild autism

Posted by shellyt888 @shellyt888, Mar 15, 2020

My son has stomach problems quite a bit he’s almost 15 yr. And has mild autism . What is the cause of his stomach problems

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Hi @shellyt888 and welcome to Connect. That must be frightening to have you son have unexplained stomach problems. I'd like to mention, Mayo Clinic Connect is a patient-to-patient community – the most important ingredient of Connect is its members, like you. It is not designed to be a community for medical experts to give advice, but is a place to learn from all your shared experiences, insights, suggestions, and tips.

Back to your son, are you comfortable sharing more on what your son is experiencing? Can you elaborate on how he is feeling?


Hi, @shellyt888, and nice to meet you. Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I'd also like to introduce you to @gingerw and @auntieoakley, who have been diagnosed as on the autism spectrum and will have some insights into your son's experiences with that diagnosis.

I'd also love to introduce you to other members here who may have experience with stomach problems and may be of help to you as you seek answers.

What types of stomach problems is your son experiencing? Does he have a diagnosis?


Welcome to connect. Although I have no clue what your son is experiencing with his stomach. I also have had stomach problems over my lifetime. It is important for you to advocate with doctors to make sure they find out what the problem is. When you see a physician, don’t let them push it off, or if you are close enough, go to Mayo. I lived with a lot of pain for a long time because I could not advocate for myself when I was younger. The situation was not resolved until I was in my 30s, and learned about the condition myself. I now advocate for others in my area.


@shellyt888 Welcome to Mayo Connect. I hope you will be able to share with us the types of stomach issues your son is having. Is it after eating certain foods, or in certain situations? By writing down the particulars [when/where/time of day/what consumed recently/how long post medications taken/social setting] you might start recognizing a pattern. This will be very helpful. As someone on the autism spectrum, I tend to internalize a lot of things, which might be something that happens also to your son. The anxiety level increases, and can create excessive acidity in the gut and lead to problems. Anxiety, strongly felt emotions of any kind, tend to increase our response to them, sometimes not in a positive way. Encourage your son to continue to communicate with you, and be part of figuring out what can be done. It will give him a self-boost, and help him feel more in control of his environment. Thank you for being a caring mother.


I really appreciate it.. you've been a big help.


Though so many things could cause the symptoms, in the case of my son and I, we are both on spectrum. have allergies though we share few except milk.
We neurologically verified (me age 14, him age 3) migraine sufferers and most often we present "stomach migraines" which are merely mild end of our horrific vestibular migraines. Fussy eating, sweats, nausea, indigestion that can descend to vertigo, vomiting, fever, audio hallucination, blurry vision. Anxiety can cause indigestion or even acid reflux. WHAT KIND of stomach problems? Even a doc needs a few details to offer a guess. : 3 have you at this point of the year seen a physician? Did the condition correct itself by now? Is it still an issue?

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