Some type of Peripheral Neuropathy? Not sure..

Posted by greggs @greggs, Dec 4, 2018

So about 6 weeks ago I had an "attack" out of nowhere of more of a pins type feeling in my right hand, then went to my left hand, then to my feet. It lasted about a minute. I wasn't sure what was going on. In the last several weeks I've had many different symptoms, mainly numbness in legs/feet and pins in my hands on occasion. It comes and goes and changes areas a lot. Definitely some issues with balance as well. No issue with Diabetes in my life, always around 80 - 95 or so for sugar. Seen Doctor and he ran several blood tests. Only 1 was high, Vitamin B6. The normal value is 2.1 - 21.7 ng/ml. My result was 42. My doctor really didn't say much about it and then scheduled me for Nerve Conduction Test and EMG. Passed both with no issue outside of slight Carpel in both wrists. While at the testing the Neurologist for the EMG portion gave me the once over for qualitative checks for reflexes etc, all ok there. I asked about SFN and he said I wasn't really describing that condition as I wasn't complaining of sharp or burning pain. He also said that my pin prick test showed good response in my feet. When I mentioned the only high result I have seen so far was the high B6 he said that could def be the issue as it was double normal value. I told him all I was taking was a 50+ multi with 300% daily allowance for B6 in it. He said to immediately discontinue and go on a low B6 diet and flush a lot with water. He said it might take several months to hopefully return to some kind of normal neurologically. I called my primary doctor today to tell him the results and left message with his nurse and recommendations and the nurse called me back and said my doctor didn't agree with the B6 possibility that the Neuro doc told me. I am scheduled to see my primary this week and discuss. I've read a lot about possible B6 too high causing my issues on here and through Google searches. Not sure why my primary is disputing this. Anyone have any thoughts or experience with high B6 and these symptoms? Thanks in advance!!

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Hello @greggs, welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I have idiopathic small fiber PN and while researching my diagnosis I found out that high levels of vitamin B6 can be toxic and lead to peripheral neuropathy. Although that's not my case. Here is one of the better sites I found that may be helpful and provides a good explanation:

Here is another site with B vitamins for neuropathy:

I'm tagging other members who have discussed high vitamin b6 levels in a post. @lynsorensen, @arnrob, @nydiver59, are you able to share any suggestions or information with @greggs?

Does your primary doctor provide any evidence based answers on why he didn't agree with the neurologist on high B6 levels? If it were me, I would be going with the specialist or getting a second opinion. I have no medical training or background but this would be a red flag for me if he were my primary.

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