smelly intentional gas

Posted by boces @boces, Jul 5, 2016

has anyone had this problem- any time i eat i pass gas that has a horrible odor- it is effecting me emotionally and socially
nothing seems to help
any advice

Hi @boces. I can understand how frustrated you must be. What have you tried to combat the gas? Have you consulted a GI specialist?

Here are some lifestyle tips from Mayo Clinic-

Also, @emmur16 do you have any tips for @boces?

I have Crohns disease (But dont suffer badly with it anymore) and i had the same problem a few years ago. My gastro at Barts in London diagnosed bacteria overgrowth. I Was eating a lot of green leafy veg as I thought it was healthy and good fibre etc. But my bowel couldn’t process it, so,it just built up,and fermented, consequently awful,foul smelling,and hot!, gas. I was put on an anti biotics for a couple of weeks to,kill it,off (I took a good Symbiotic at the same time) and stopped eating all the greens. Now i avoid leafy green veg. There are,plenty of other veggies and fruit i can eat and my dietician is happy with it.

Have you been in a foreign country or camping outdoors recently. It
sounds to me like you may have gotten an atypical organism (yeast,
fungus, bacterium, protozoan) into your digestive system. Giardia comes
to mind, which one can get from drinking from backcountry streams. It
can cause horrific smells. You may wish to see your physician ASAP.

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