SMART protocol for mesothelioma

Posted by richm @richm, Mar 1, 2018

After being diagnosed with stage 3 pleural mesothelioma I underwent the SMART protocol 18 months ago. At that time i was Mayo's third patient to do so. I am cancer free at this time, though do not feel at all like I had before treatment. Are any of Mayo's other SMART patients on this site? How are you doing?

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Does anyone know if such treatment is available at Baylor in Houston?

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Hi @benmab5050, currently the SMART study is only being conducted at Mayo Clinic in Rochester. Patients are being accepted if eligible until December, 2022. If you wish to find out more, you can contact Mayo Clinic's Cancer Trials here: 1-855-776-0015 (toll-free)

Ben, do you have mesothelioma? Have you had any treatment?


Hi Colleen,

Merci! It is my wife that has Pleural mesothelioma diagnosed 2 weeks ago. The first biopsy was NEGATIVE then second biopsy was POSITIVE, wonder why? We are now trying to decide what sort of treatment, surgery? Chemo, radiation or all 3? We are yet to determine what stage it is? the lining on the right lungs is thickening, not sure if it has spread to the lymph nodes or not. We are seeing another doctor for a second opinion on Wednesday.



Smart seeing a doctor for a second opinion. I hope it’s at Mayo. I went there as soon as I found out what I had. It was mesothelioma. Mayo found it was stage 3. It was all around my lung and in my diaphragm. I had surgery in Sept. have had 2 pet scans since. I have a very small spot they are watching. They want to hold off with any other treatment. All my doctors are the greatest. I found out I had this in July when I had a cat scan for a hernia. Well I still have the hernia. I can tell you the surgery was a bitch the tubes in your lungs for days. Now I am home and have done every breathing exercise they gave me. My oxygen level is back to 99%. You have to go into this ugly crap with a positive attitude. Your state of mind is very important. I know some day I will be going thru hell but right now I’m enjoying life with 1/3 of a missing lung.


@keisha2539, I'm tagging you in this discussion about mesothelioma. Come join the conversation about meet others like @pattyjo002 @benmab5050 and @texasmimi.

Keisha, can you share a bit more about your diagnosis and treatments?


My husband was not a surgical candidate when diagnosed in Jan, 22. He is receiving treatment at Mayo in Rochester. He’s been on immunotherapy for 14 months and had a 5 day radiation trial last year. He’s doing well at this point and has no symptoms of the pleural mesothelioma as he did last early last year. Scans indicate the growth remains stable in the lower right Pleura and lung, no metastasis and lymph nodes are normal size.
I hope you continue to progress after surgery.

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