Small Red Bump on Vagina

Posted by anonymous0830 @anonymous0830, May 3, 2018

After changing out of my work clothes I noticed a small red bump on my vagina. Not sure if it could be from shaving although I doubt it as the last time I shaved was a week ago and it just appeared today. Was also thinking it could be from where my thigh and pants were rubbing against it. It looks to be almost like an open would with a very small amount of “blood” visible but when dabbed with TP nothing collects. It doesn’t hurt although it’s itchy. Attached are pictures with and without flash. I really hope it’s not an STD. I am sexually active with one partner and we don’t always use condoms as I am on the pill. We’re not totally exclusive but I highly doubt he’d be having sec with anyone else. I’d love to get screened for STDs but I’m only 17 and my parents would just kill me if they knew I was having sex. Especially if I had an STD.

If anybody could help me out ASAP that would be amazing thanks!!

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My other thoughts are syphilis sore or genital warts? Really hoping that’s not the case..


@anonymous0830, I do not see your attachment as I don't know if you sent it or not or even how that works on this listserv. However, you say it is on your vagina but the way you talk about it I am thinking it is on more the outside of it and more near where your panty line might be or even on your leg. Sometimes after shaving you might get an ingrown hair follicle or just irritation.. And I assume there is only one spot. Yor did not say how big it is. If you do not think that you can go to one of your parents which I completely understand, then I would do one or both of the following: Check into any women's clinics or low cost/no cost clinics in your town and see if they can check it out for you. This could be Planned Parenthood of a Community Clinic. Or do you have a gynecologist that you trust and can confide in? You can also even check online to see pictures of different types of things that it might be. But having it checked out is the best option for sure. I know this can be very worrisome but if it is not painful or itching then it probably isn't herpes although you can only know for sure if you check it out. If you do not have a doctor you can trust to keep it confidential since you are under age, then check online and see if you can find a clinic in your town that you can get in to have it checked. In the meantime, you can look for some images online and see if you find something that looks similar. You are already on the right track to have found this group as it is an excellent resource. But please be safe if you are not using protection unless you are sure you are exclusive (you sound like a very smart young lady who has parents like mine were). I am 63 but I am sympathetic to not being able to talk about these things with your parents. Take care.


Hi, @anonymous0830 – welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect.

I can definitely hear the concern in your words about the small red bump on your vagina. Please note that I’ve removed your photos, to protect your privacy and ensure appropriateness for all members, due to the physical location of the bump you’re talking about.

@anonymous0830 – @gailg has offered some great advice about being seen at a clinic by a medical professional. Is that something you can do?


Hi, @anonymous0830 — thinking of you and wondering how it's going.

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