Small Fiber Neuropathy?

Posted by elsa @elsa, Jan 23, 2019

Hello. I'm a 64 year old woman who has a complex medical history. I have relapsing-remitting MS (diagnosed in 2006, well-controlled; on Copaxone). I also ruptured my L5-S6 disc in 2009, subsequently had a microdiscectomy during which the surgeon tore the dura. Since the surgery, I developed chronic pain which worsened with time. Last March I graduated from Mayo's 3-week pain management program. Since then I no longer take any opiates or benzodiazepines which has been a huge step for the better.
That said, in the past few months my pain has spread and changed in nature. I now have bilateral burning sensations in my buttocks and hamstrings. This new pain seems to be burning in the outer part of my skin. It burns whenever I'm sitting or lying down. Any pressure at all on these areas causes really awful burning sensations. I am wondering if I have developed small fiber neuropathy.
Questions: 1) Does my description of this new pressure-sensitive, burning pain sound like it's SFN? 2) I notice that there is some discussion about immunity and SFN. Could my having MS (an autoimmune disease) somehow be causal in the development of SFN? 3) Can anyone recommend a doctor at Mayo in Rochester who could examine me and do the proper tests to hopefully diagnose what's going on?
Thank you much!!

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Thank you! The difficult part for me won’t be getting it prescribed I don’t think, but having to drive so far from home for treatments and having no one to help me with travel and childcare if I need to be gone overnight. I’m hoping to find something closer to home possibly Wausau or Green Bay Area. I can’t figure out how to find clinics that actually DO the infusion so I can get a referral for it. Is there a resource available for that? Thank you!

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Well, perhaps googling "closest Apheresis unit" or having a sit down visit with your Neurologist. Dr should be in your best interest and do the work for you.


Pain management program at Mayo? Rochester? Jacksonville? How was it?


Pain management program at Mayo? Rochester? Jacksonville? How was it?

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@total99 there is a discusson on the Mayo Pain Rehabilitation Program that you might find helpful.

Mayo Pain Rehabilitation Program: What's your experience?

The Pain Rehabilitation Center (PRC) at Mayo Clinic's campuses in Arizona, Florida and Minnesota provides a three-week program for adults. Read more here:

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