Small cell carcinoma of the bladder (SCCB) - are there developments?

Posted by m1985 @m1985, Sep 15, 2021

Here a message and question from the Netherlands. My father was in January 2021 diagnosed with small cell carcinoma of the bladder (SCCB), rare and aggressive. With metastases to the liver, lymph nodes and in his blood, his treatment is palliative.

Chemotherapy (carboplatin/etoposide) reduced the cancer (tumor in liver from 11cm to 6cm). After several chemo’s, he now has a ‘chemofree interval’. Results from the scan today showed a slight increase of tumor in liver. Oncologist advises not to start chemo again yet. She was satisfied with the scan and good blood results.

My question: are there any new developments in SCCB? Studies, experiments, immunotherapy, a new medicine? It is such a rare form, which results in scarce data. I can’t find much information, perhaps in other countries there is..

Thank you in advance for your answer.

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Hi @m1985 from the Netherlands and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I added your post to the Cancer group ( as well as the Kidney & Bladder group. I'm tagging fellow members who have experience with small cell carcinoma of the bladder, like @nvmoen @tattrigoo @samasama @jimmy2248 @sandielegal @marycedroni @whitneyvet and @predictable. You can read more of their posts in these discussions:

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@jimmy2248 can share more about his experiences with immunotherapy and SCCB.

M1985, you're right that there is less information about small cell bladder cancer. What options has your dad's oncologist suggested?


Thank you so much for your fast response. The chemotherapy carboplatin/etoposide was presented as the only option (no radiation, ablation or other solutions). This was acknowledged by another hospital in the Netherlands. At first we were told immunotherapy was no option with 'this type'. Later on I asked another oncologist in a webinar. He said immunotherapy could be an option if the tumor shows specific DNA differences with high mutational burden (experimental study). Our oncologist confirmed. I'm curious for experiences of @jimmy2248 with immunotherapy.
I also read something about Keytruda?

I hope to find some additional information here (experiences from others) which I can discuss with my dad's oncologist.

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