Swelling after sentinel lymph node biopsy (SLNB)

Posted by frogjumper @frogjumper, Apr 22 2:10pm

Is it normal to have a swollen area kind of almost a hard painful know at the end of a SLNB incision. I am a little over a week out from surgery. Thanks in advance for any help!

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@frogjumper, how are you doing? How the swelling subsided?


@frogjumper, how are you doing? How the swelling subsided?

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Well it turned out to be a seroma, and the surgeon drained it on Monday. It's better but it's not completely gone. There also seems to be another one cropping up under my right breast.
And my breasts are just coming alive, and while I know its part of the healing process, it's pretty painful. So far though it's all healing really well so I am thankful and hopeful! The breast reduction is awesome, no more back pain!
What's weird though is the first week out of surgery I felt great and now 3 weeks later I have no energy. I wonder is the the end of the adrenalin rush of stress, worry, surgery etc.
My pathology report came back perfect such a relief I wonder if my energy level before was being driven purely by fear.
Thanks for asking!

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