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Posted by Anonymous-b08f3d46 in Skin Health, Apr 12, 2012

The skin on my hands is peeling off and both palms have a mottled appearance. Any ideas?

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Posted by @misskm, Apr 21, 2012

Yep, it sounds like dermatitis. There are many different types of dermatitis and its quite common for it to "just appear", one day. I started getting it in my early 20s but I can control it, to a degree.

Contact dermatitis is a reaction to an allergen, which is likely to be something new that you have recently came in to contact with. Have you changed anything recently? Maybe a new soap, shampoo, different cleaning product, a new hand cream, even new rubber gloves? It could also be a new washing powder, fabric softener, etc but if its isolated to just your hands, then I would think its something you have handled.

Sometimes it may not be a new product, but the brand has decided to change their formula - Has anyone been promoting a "new and improved" package? You should try and determine what product has caused the reaction, and when you do, note the ingredients. Then, if you have a reaction to another product at a different time, make a note of those ingredients as well, and see if you can narrow it down to any specific "problem" ingredient and avoid it in the future.

Another cause for dermatitis can be weather or seasonal changes. Its something to do with the humidity levels in the air.

A dermatologist could offer a cortisone cream to help relieve the symptoms, but its unlikely to cure it, and the creams generally smell pretty bad. If its caused by an allergen, try to stick with brands and products that you know don't cause a reaction, and if you do want to try something new at any time, you may take a chance of causing a reaction.


Posted by @humando, Apr 22, 2012

Yup ... it's starting to go away. I bought some new handsoap. That may have been the cause. Thanks.

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