Skin grafts after 40 years

Posted by mskhasawneh @mskhasawneh, Feb 2, 2019

I've had a skin graft on the front side of my neck below the chin about fourty five years ago following a burn accident. Now at the age of 60, it seems that the skin graft starting to contract and shrink even though I've always used and still use nivea cream daily. I don't know why this is happening after so many years.

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Hello @mskhasawneh, welcome to Connect. I would like to invite some other members who have had various types of skin grafts to share their experience with them. @elizabethbryant, @zenk, and @loli have all talked about having a skin graft, and although theirs were not as long ago as yours, they may be able to share some of their experiences and what their operating physicians shared with them about long-term care.

@mskhasawneh, have you talked with your medical provider about this situation yet?


No I haven't done so, I am trying to understand some on my own first, through sharing my experience with others with similar observation.


Hi Msk, All skin shrinks and contracts as we age. If you think the site is in jeopardy have a plastic surgeon look at it. They are the docs that know the most about skin graphs. Zenk


Hi, you are right Zenk. I mean who else know about skin graphs other than the docs. Do you have any personal experience with skin graphs or is it just a general knowledge

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