Posted by gracenad @gracenad, May 16 9:36am

DOES ANYONE GET INFLAMMED UVULA AND ATTRIBUTE IT TO SJOGRENS? I have had Sjogren's since 1994, one thing that has occurred that I cannot convince my (present) MD of is that when I get an issue with inflammation in my eyes and need to take a steroid, I also on occasion get inflammation on my uvula, very red and swollen, drags on my tongue with great soarness in that area not down my throat; it also gets little white bumps. I have been given prednisone in the past and it works to clear it up. New MD would not give it to me because she does not believe Sjogrens can cause Uvulitis, I had to go to a walk in clinic to get RX, and it is working. Anyone have this issue? Grace

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@gracenad. Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect! Having an inflamed and swollen uvula must be very uncomfortable. You said that you saw your rheumatologist, but that she wouldn't help. Have you seen your family physician? They are the ones to treat something like this. I included the link to information from the Cleveland Clinic. It talks about the causes and remedies or home treatments for uvulitis.,appointment%20with%20your%20healthcare%20provider.
While we wait, some other member may join the discussion and tell you of their experiences.
Do you think you could call your primary care physician tomorrow? Please let me know!

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