Sjogrens Syndrome - Dry eyes - intensive pulsed light

Posted by maryy @maryy, Jun 11, 2019

anyone with Sjogrens Syndrome tried intense pulsed light treatment to improve the dry eye symptom? I would like to try

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@marty I don't know if you sent this to me or not,but I get sunshine on my eyes just a couple of minutes or warm washcloth.


Fish oil from New Zealand is the best, Laracerts inserted in each eye, eye drops plus water to drink. Next is punctal plugs in the tear ducts then have have your tear ducts closed up. That was done in the 90's so they may have come up with something else. I need eye drops or Lacra Lube at night. Remember to use the gum for dry mouth to help with cavities if that is a problem.


Sjögren's Syndrome Foundation

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