Size of Cyst & Surgery?

Posted by mikewdby @mikewdby, Oct 31 6:08pm

In viewing a video from a doctor surgeon from St. Joseph’s (don’t remember the location), he mentioned that if the Cyst is larger than 5cm, surgery is no longer an option.

(Mine cyst has been monitored for 18 months at 4cm with no signs of cancer with a CA-19 consistently at 16. I go for my next scan at Mayo, January 10th).

However I noted that the video on YouTube was 12 years old….

Has that opinion regarding size changed since? More specifically what is the medical protocol at Mayo Rochester? Is there a likelihood at that size it will eventually become cancerous?

Yes, I’m suffering from ‘scananxiety’, and somewhat nervous – and struggling to submit to Gods Trust and Will. I don’t have many people to talk too so I appreciate any advice or discussion.

So until my next scan, please let me know any answers or experiences with the size of any cysts you might be able to share. I am grateful and thankful for any thing and prayers you may share.

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Hi @mikewdby, I get your scanxiety. For most pancreatic cysts, surveillance is a good option. Cysts that are cancerous or pre-cancerous are most commonly treated with surgery, depending on the patient’s age and risk factors. Size alone is usually not the only factor considered when choosing treatment options.

I'm tagging @sushie @susan2018 @californiazebra @jacee780 so they can share their experiences. But, I'm sure you can predict what I'm going to say next. Everyone is different.

Mike: You're in good hands at Mayo Clinic. Your doctor will consider all the factors that are relevant to you and your cyst to make the treatment decision with you that is right for you.

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