Sinus cyst

Posted by sandbarry1 @sandbarry1, May 9 6:40am

Anyone experienced sinus cyst? No drainage. 70% loss of air flow. Painful face. ENT prescribed Prednisone dose pack. Had one month.

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Yes! I had one back in around 1993 and it resolved on its on. I then got another one. It was painful, tiring and I kept having sinus infections over and over. I eventually had to have sinus surgery in 1994 due to recurrent infections and not being able to breath very well due to narrow sinus passages and extreme stuffiness. So, my sinus were not draining and bacteria would lay in there and get infected. Sinus surgey was not a picnic back then, but, it certainly helped me. I can still breathe better as he cleaned out the old infection and opened up the narrow passage. I still get infections, but, not as many. Sinus surgery did not relieve the headaches for me. I recommend NeilMed Sinus rinse….go easy on the saline packet that is included as it can burn like crazy if you use too much…but it helps keep the bacteria down and doesn't back up into your eustachian tubes like the netti pot. I so empathize. God Bless You!

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