Signatera testing: Has anyone had this done?

Posted by teriabruzzo8 @teriabruzzo8, Mar 28 6:58pm

I have been given an option to take the Signatera residual disease test. I have heard mixed opinions that it is not a good source for pancreatic cancer specifically. Has anyone else been given this option and what their doctors have said about it.

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I have been having my ctDNA measured since 2014 when I entered a clinical trial and had the additional opportunity to provide samples for a study to monitor for minimal residual disease. The clinical trial was successful and I continue to have ctDNA measurements done on a quarterly basis. ctDNA has been around for some time having been introduced for monitoring minimal residual disease in lymphomas and leukemias. It is now moving in to solid tumor monitoring after technical hurdles were overcome and is being adopted by GI oncologists for monitoring colon cancer. It is being evaluated for pancreatic tumors and there is a working group at ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncologists) evaluating studies addressing false positive and negative results. It is a matter of time when ctDNA for pancreatic cancer surveillance will become accepted and a standard for more sensitive monitoring. In the meantime, I m pleased that I am able to take advantage of this additional surveillance technology that is significantly more sensitive than current imaging techniques.

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Thank you for your insight. Can you share what your clinical trial was for? What did you do that you think contributed to your long term PDAC survival?


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