Side effects after chlamydia antibiotic

Posted by arid123 @arid123, Jan 22 3:46pm

Hi, I recently found out I contracted chlamydia from my partner and had been experiencing weird discharge as well as some yeast infection symptoms, I went to my GYN and they tested me for chlamydia and gonnerhea. My test came back positive for chlamydia and negative for gonnerhea. My doctor put me on a 10 day treatment of doxycycline and I just finished my last day yesterday. During the duration and before I discovered I had the STD my urethra was red and it burned when I washed it and peed. It got a lot better while I was on my medication but today it is just irritated. Is this normal? Will it go away in time or it a sign of another problem?

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I’d check back with your doctor. Often, after a woman takes antibiotics, they will develop a yeast infection which can cause redness, burning, itching, etc. I’d touch base with the doctor, cause it could be something else. My doctor offers me something for yeast, when prescribing an antibiotic, but over the last few years, I haven’t gotten one! So glad. They can be very uncomfortable. The antibiotic kills bad bacteria and good bacteria and that’s a perfect spot for the yeast to flourish.


Let me know if it goes away for you , because this happened to me a few years ago , and I’m still suffering to this day .

Like the other comment said , it can be a yeast infection , which frequently happens after antibiotic use . You can ask your doctor to test your for yeast ! I hope this goes away easily for you !

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