Sickle cell anemia and avascular necrosis

Posted by zain786 @zain786, Apr 1 8:14pm

Hello I have sickle cell anemia since i was born but it got triggered when i was 18 and now after several years of transfusion and pain cycles that i went through now i am suffering from the side effect of this sickle cell anemia. “Avascular necrosis”. I have consulted several doctor but i have got mixed opinions. All the doctors said that the only solution to this is to get the hip joint replacement but this can further create more problem for me. Doctors are telling me not to get it done because of the complications that i can face in future. I want to know if someone has got his/her joint replaced. Should i get this treatment? Is there any cure to this like bone marrow transplant or the gene therapy that i should go for rather than this hip

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Welcome to Connect, @zain786 Unfortunately avascular necrosis can be one of the side effects of Sickle Cell Anemia. Sickle cells can block the blood vessels that supply blood to the bones. When the bones don't get enough blood, joints may narrow and bones can die. This can happen anywhere but most often happens in the hip.

This article from the Mayo Clinic website is helpful to get an understanding of what happens with sickle cell anemia. A bone marrow transplant is one of the few potential cures for this disease. But there can be other therapies that may help. Make sure you keep reading to the bottom of the article then go to the next page that says ‘diagnosis and treatment’.

Since your situation for replacment seems pretty complex, have you considered getting another opinion from a larger institution like Mayo? Their specialists would have more experience in a case such as yours. Here’s a link to their site where you can request an appointment if you’d like.

Did your doctors explain what the possible complications would be if you went ahead with the surgery to replace your hip?

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