Shunt malfuntion

Posted by medicare @medicare, Jan 1, 2017

After having turmor removed from brainstem and non programmable shunt put in.Two and a half years later shunt malfunctioned and a programmable shunt was used as a replacement .Now there is a fluid pocket on the backside of my head on the side the turmor was and I have massive headaches unless I am laying down. After many tests no one seems to know what is going on .Im sick of the headaches and of being sick this has been going on for six weeks or more has anyone ever had this problem

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@medicare, Hello and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect! Here we will work to connect you with community members who have also gone through a similar situation to your own.

I'm sorry you are having problems with your programmable shunt. I cant imagine the pain of having massive headaches for weeks on end.

I would like to connect you with Connect members @cynaburst who has had a shunt placed, and @thegoodwife who's husband has had a shunt placed.
@cynaburst and @thegoodwife, and advice you can give to @medicare?

@medicare, is there a plan to look at the replacement shunt? can that too be replaced?


What does your neurosurgeon say about your problem? I did know of someone who had a fluid pocket following acoustic neuroma surgery. It eventually went away, but he complained of many of the same things as you. It may just be that it will take time to go away, but you should certainly ask your neurosurgeon what he or she thinks, and if that answer does not give you confidence, ask for a second opinion.

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