Should I go to Mayo? Chronic Kidney Disease

Posted by gladiator14 @gladiator14, Aug 26, 2020

I am 67 years old and recently diagnosed as Stage 3B. My Internist/nephrologist in Iowa always told me my GFR and Creatinine abnormal chemistries were “just my normal”. I drove to Mayo (5 hours) for a surgical consult for a GI issue back in March 2020. After my visit my internist asked me what Mayo said about my kidneys. I was in shock that he was now asking me this as I had been his patient for the entire 15 years of my altered GFR and Creatinine. Getting nervous I immediately set an appointment with a nephrologist at the University of Iowa. I also found another internist. The U of I nephrologist told me the news of Stage 3B and ordered an ultrasound which found a sizable cyst on one side and a good size stone in the other. I was basically told we will watch things and nothing else. No information about diet or anything else was provided. I have found these different web sites and have pieced together that I should be limiting my sodium to <1500mg/day and protein to <65g/day based on my weight. I have I had a blood test a month ago and my eGFR was 38 and creatinine was 1.79. I had another blood test Monday which showed eGFR 37 and creatinine 1.83. I have been following the diet for 2 weeks. I am more than disappointed. A month ago based on my labs and a 24 hour urine I was put on 10MEQ potassium citrate, Atorvastatin. I was previously on Pantoprazole for my GI issues and Amlodipine for hypertension. My question is does anyone feel it would benefit me to come to Mayo for another opinion. Any help is appreciated.

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@gladiator14 I sense from your question that you are unsettled about the information and care you have received thus far. I ABSOLUTELY think you would benefit from a second, third, or forth opinion! I joke with a fellow transplant patient that most people wouldn't remodel a bathroom without talking to three contractors but they trust their life to the first doctor they meet. Doctors (like bathroom contractors) exist in good and bad versions everywhere you go the trick is putting in the hard work to find them. I see doctors both at Mayo and outside of Mayo and I have them all exchange records electronically. I choose my physicians based on a variety of factors that are personally important to me not what institution they affiliated with or the state they live in. In my experience I have encountered a greater concentration of brilliant providers at Mayo than anywhere else. So if you are looking for a shortcut in finding a good doctor the odds are stacked in your favor by choosing Mayo. Best of luck.

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I appreciate your response.


I can’t say enough good things about Mayo. I had a kidney transplant two years ago in April. My daughter was the donor. My GFR was about 13 at the time. I was 75 and thought my age may be a factor. They weren’t concerned as long as my several tests… stress echocardiogram, aortic artery ultrasound, blood work and more were not showing any problems. Everything went good with the surgery after a bit of an adjustment in my immunosuppressants. The nurses on the transplant floor are the nicest people we’ve ever met. My daughter had a great experience, too. Mayo is so efficient and the communication between departments is awesome and I believe they do a good job at keeping the costs down.

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I am glad you and your daughter are doing well. Thank you.

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