Should I be retested for cdiff?

Posted by jmue @jmue, Feb 26 1:12pm

I had a mild case 3 months ago. Had been on clyndamycin for a throat abscess after Covid and steroids for an eye injury prior to that (my stomach was pretty assaulted with prednisone and antibiotics over a year’s time prior to this cdiff). Actually more stomach ache/nausea than diarrhea for my symptoms. It was not properly diagnosed until I did get mucus/blood tinged stood and went to gi.

Endoscopy and colonoscopy were fine.

Now 3 months since 10 days of Vanco. I have a normal stool once a day. But I struggle with:
1. No weight gain (lost 10 pounds due to diet changes and honestly the stress of it all)
2. stomach aches and nausea
3. Extremely limited diet. Can’t tolerate any dairy, processed foods, sugar. Mostly chicken, turkey, eggs, cashew based yogurt (forager), potato and gluten free pasta and bread. Even one Advil will set off a stomach ache/nausea.

The gi said this could go on for 6 months to a year or longer. But he doesn’t believe I need to be retested. I do wonder since it’s been 3 months, why not retest stool to make sure there is no active toxin? (I had toxin b)

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