Shingles on face and in eye

Posted by Nancy B @nancyb1, Oct 9, 2011

Hi everybody. I have had shingles for about three weeks now and I am interested in chatting with folks who have experienced this. I have it on my forehead, in my hair toward my temple, in my eyebrow and on my eyelid, and in my eye. I have no vision problems, but my eye hurts and my eyelid droops.

The pain is bad when I talk, because when I get interested in a conversation, my eyebrow moves, my forehead moves, and ZING! I have burning and shooting pains. My hair hurts, too, and I can't pull it back or style it.

Anyone else want to talk about their shingles pain?

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I'm responding for my Dad he is not able to do so he is 72 teas old Iknow his condition pretty well. He has had shingles for going on seven years. He has other issues his main problem now is his vision in his left eye and instability problem which has been going on for about four years now, it always starts on his left eye with a burning sensation he says it feels like a bug in your eye or some one pouring salt water in it. His left side feels totally different from his right side I don't undress stand this but willing to help in any way possible. I don't know if this is a eye problem or a nuerologic problem we have been to every doctor and specialist around no one has any answers we are running out of time I have convinced him to try the mayo clinic but he is afraid that would be a wasted trip if any one has had any dealings with any of the mayo clinics and would share your story it would be greatly appreciated thanks for any input our options are depleting

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If you can go to Mayo...go. They have the best drs. and treatment facilities. My MOHS surgeon there is the best. Also used a head and neck surgeon who did a great job on removing squamous cell growth under skin. Have video consulted w/radiation dr. and medical oncologist for treatment plans.

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