Sharp thigh pain after hip replacement surgery & revision.

Posted by rhuck513 @rhuck513, Jun 1 8:55pm

Good morning.
I had my left hip replaced June 29, 2021. I was recovering well from surgery for about 3 weeks, at which point I had severe pain in my thigh. I had not fallen (and still haven't yet). X-rays showed that my prothesis had slipped about 3/4" into my femur. On Aug. 17, 2021, I had hip replacement revision. My surgeon had not cemented the original prothesis in place, which I understood is relatively common, but he did cement my replacement in place.
Ever since the slippage, I have had pain in the mid-front of my thigh! Sometimes the pain is not as severe as other times, but it's always there! I've needed a cane to walk, and sometimes needed to revert back to using a walker a few times due to the pain.
I've undergone nerve-conductivity tests, Myofascial release and physical therapy, several injections and Rx's. I've had a Spinal Cord Stimulator put into my back which has only resulted in minimal pain relief. Meds and OTC pain relief are little help.
The pain occurs whenever I put weight on my left leg, try to lift my knee while sitting, moving it sideways, or catch my foot on something while walking. and so on.
It's been nearly 3 years with this pain! Any ideas on possible causes/ solutions?

Thank you!!!!

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I so wish I had these answers for you but I don’t. I am 14 years out with several revisions and my pain is still there. I have gotten very vocal over the years and sometimes it helps me to scream to the heavens for I am just drained on those days. My poor husband just listens to me and ask if there is something he can do. We are seniors now and honestly I don’t know what I would do if I had to work. I will advise you to speak to your Ortho and see if he/she will refer you to a pain doctor. I use Magnesium Oil on my bad days and literally massage it into my thigh and my lower back and hip bone. I do that about 30 minutes prior to bed so I can start the night off with a few good hours of rest.
I pray you get some relief

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