Sharp Pain

Posted by rosemaria61 @rosemaria61, Jan 29, 2020

I have had a sharp pain in my head it started at the top of the head on the left side now its behind my ear. Its like electric shock pain. I have had this pain for 5 days. I have seen a Nurologist had a Mri and nothing. What could it be

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Good evening. Hope you feel better do you have any other symptoms even if it's like a small thing you failed to mention. I was told to look at all the symptoms you have no matter how meaningless and than go from there.


Hi, @rosemaria61 – welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Your headaches indeed sound quite painful.

One tool I'd suggest that might help you get further answers is this Mayo Clinic symptom checker particular to headache:
This Mayo Clinic article has some further suggestions on headache and finding the right treatment

I"d like to introduce @timpowell84 @taterjoy @amberpep may have some thoughts on this electric shock-like pain with an MRI that showed no issues. @johnbishop @vickylynn also may have some ideas.

Has your pain worsened or gotten any better in the last couple of days?


Hi, @rosemaria61 – I would like to add my welcome along with @lisalucier and other members. I have no medical background or training but from searching using your symptoms there is another discussion here on Connect that you might want to join and see if you can find any helpful information.

> Groups > Brain & Nervous System > Occipital Neuralgia

Also, I found an interesting article that may provide some suggestions for you that kind of sounds like the symptoms you described.

Medical News Today – What causes a headache behind the ears?

Did the neurologist give you any suggestions or referrals?

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