Sharp pain in pelvic area now right side abdomen

Posted by alexglamann @alexglamann, Feb 14, 2021

I was having severe pelvic pain where it hurt to stand up on Friday. Accompanied by chills, sweating, nausea, lightheaded. After 30 minutes it past. Now Sunday, sharp pain in lower left abdomen. 27 year old female.

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@alexglamann Welcome to connect Alex . We try to tell you what helps us with out problems. But being 27 with this problem I would suggest you make an appointment with you gynecologist to have an exam ti make sure nothing is wrong there then go from there If you need a referral see your PCP first . I wish you the best


Very hard to diagnosis but few items to consider:

1. Could you be pregnant ? If so then need to worry about Ectopic pregnancy.
2. Appendix is on right side, so probably not that.

I agree with previous comment, follow up with primary or gynecologist, If gets worse or spike a high fever might consider a ER visit.

Mayo has a symptom checker, not sure if that would help:
Laurie M


@alexglamann Let me add my welcome here to Mayo Clinic Connect. If you have not done so, take a moment or two to write down what you have been feeling. Take your time and make your list complete. What to include? Any new foods? Any new workout routines? Where are you at in your monthly cycle? Recent and current bowel habits – is your stool different than normal, possibly an impaction? If your pain is not stationary, it may lend itself to being a digestive tract issue, which you should get checked as soon as possible! Take your list with you to the doctor, so they can have a clear picture what is going on.

Please come back and tell us what you find out, okay?


@alexglamann– Good morning and I also welcome you to Mayo Clinic Connect. Pelvic pain happens below your belly buttons and it's hard to pinpoint what is actually causing it without seeing a doctor. THere's just so much "down-there" that could cause a problem. Please do not hesitate to seek medical care if you still have pain today.

I had appendicitis and my whole pelvic region hurt. How are you today?

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