Sharp, intense cervix pain

Posted by avocadotoast @avocadotoast, Oct 23, 2020

I’m a 17 year old girl who has been dealing with really sharp cervix pain for a while now. The pain happens when any kind of pressure is put against my cervix, including when inserting a tampon or menstrual cup. It has been this way from the very first time I used a tampon, and I thought it was normal but I’m just now realizing that it might not be. I also experience unbearable sharp pain during any kind of penetration that puts pressure on my cervix; it’s very sharp and crampy. I’m considering going to a gynecologist to see if this is treatable or not and what’s causing it. What should I do?

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Hi @avocadotoast, I added your question to the Women's Health group. I think you'll get more responses here.

You should most definitely seek professional help with this pain. It is not to be ignored. Cervical pain can be caused by many different things, such as bacterial infections, allergic reactions, or most commonly caused by an STI. Only a physician exam and testing could give you any answer. You doctor will also ask about other symptoms, like if you have any of the following:
– pain during sex
– green, brown, or yellow vaginal discharge
– foul-smelling discharge
– bloody discharge
– frequent urination
– pain when you urinate (if the urethra is also infected)
– bleeding after sex that’s not caused by a menstrual period

Avocadotoast (love your username BTW), do you have this pain when there is no pressure on your cervix?


Hi Colleen, thanks for your reply! I tried to put some pressure on my cervix with my fingers to see if that was where the pain was coming from, but it didn’t hurt at all so now I’m not sure if it’s just with harder pressure on my cervix or just deep vaginal pain, but I’ll still definitely look into getting help from a doctor. And since I only felt the pain when using a tampon or with intercourse, I can’t exactly tell if it’s my cervix or deep in my vagina. But I don’t think Ive gotten cervix pain without this pressure


Hello @avocadotoast and welcome to Connect. I can imagine this has been very concerning for you. Do you have the support needed to get help from a doctor to further look into your symptoms and pain or do you need any suggestions/assistance with how to go about being seen by a physician?

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