Shampoo burned my face

Posted by ohkaney @ohkaney, Jun 3, 2019

I was using this peppermint shampoo around November-December I eventually switched shampoos however around my eyes became irritated.

I originally thought it was from my face wash and threw out my face wash.
I only recently realized it was the shampoo when I ran out of my regular one and used it and it irritated the skin around my eyes once more.

Now around my eyes both under and above on my eyelids are darkened and it looks as if I have never slept ever and have been punched in both of my eyes.

When the skin gets irritated around my eyes it starts to peel or the skin may sometimes break.

Is there anything gentle I can use around my eyes that may bring the skin back to my original skin tone and/or maybe help it not be so irritated.

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@ohkaney Do you think it was the peppermint shampoo that caused the irritation or the other shampoo? A possible side effect of using peppermint oil is skin irritation, and having it under your eyes might be typical because of the sensitive and thin tissue there. It seems that if peppermint shampoo is the culprit that overtime the irritation would eventually go away when you stop the peppermint use. I wonder if using a quality moisturizer for your skin very gently around your eyes would help the situation that you described? It may be a matter of time to get the skin discoloration to go away. I hope that others may have some other ideas, and that you post back to let us know how things go.

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