Sexual headache

Posted by jmays93 @jmays93, Jan 18, 2020

This week was the first time this had happened. Right at orgasm it feels like someone is taking a sledgehammer to my head. Headache lasts several hours. I tried it again thinking it was a 1 time deal but it was not. Anyone else experience these or knows how to deal with these?

Hello @jmays93, welcome to Connect. A few members discussed experiencing a sexual headache in the past, The discussion is from 2012, but the brief exchange may share similarities to your situation. In that discussion, one member (@gmdavis63) mentions that their experience was exactly as it is described on the Mayo Clinic website (

The above link does recommend speaking with a provider and explaining the experience to them in case of the rare chance it is something more urgent. @jmays93, have you mentioned this to a medical provider yet? Was the second time worse or the same as the first? It sounds as though these can come in clusters and disappear just as quickly.

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