Severe, debilating pain 10 months after anterior hip replacement

Posted by nise2uss @nise2uss, Mar 11, 2019

I had bilateral anterior replacements in 2018. My right hip was replaced in March and I did great but my left hip was replaced in May and I have not yet recovered and if anything feels worse. My ortho dr doesn’t know what is causing the severe pain in my groin, anterior and posterior thigh, pain at surgical site, pain down lateral thigh into lower leg, upper buttock, weakness when lifting leg etc. I have had multiple hip flexor tendon injections with no relief. The nerve conduction test showed aural neuropathy in my lower legs. MRI showed basically nothing but trace fluid both hips which my dr says means nothing. Xrays show nothing. I do not have a clue where to go from here. I am also 49 years old trying to work while taking multiple pain medications to manage my pain. I have read an article by Nathan Staff at the Mayo Clinic that discusses inflammatory neuropathy and feel this may be the culprit. My ortho dr actually asked me if I were crazy one of the many times I have returned to his office. He mentioned a surgical procedure to release the hip flexor tendon but isn’t sure if that’s the problem. I’m just not sure where to turn. I would also mention that I take Indomethacin for gout periodically and it helps me manage the hip pain at time along with the other drugs I am forced to take just to be able to walk. Any ideas folks?

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@nise2uss, welcome to Connect. These must be some frustrating side-effects to both live with and to not have taken seriously. I would like to invite some recent members who have discussed their pain after a hip replacement. @katepitt, @mariemotte, @johnboy2323, @owieann, have all talked about some of the same pain you are experiencing and may be able to offer some insight. Also, you may find the following discussion worth your time to read through and participate in as well,

@nise2uss, Have you considered seeking a second opinion, or is that something that is not an option? You mentioned finding literature from Mayo Clinic and that you presented it to your current surgeon, is that correct?


Thanks for the reply. Yes I have tossed around the idea of a second opinion and feel this may be my best option. I have not discussed the Mayo Clinic article on inflammatory neuropathy with my surgeon at this point as I am trying not to overstep. This guy has the reputation of being the best around in his field of joint replacement and is very confident. Unfortunately I am not sure where or which direction to go for a second opinion. I live in North Carolina but I’m not opposed to traveling. I just want to feel better.

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