Severe Bloating and Distention

Posted by htocco @htocco, Feb 18, 2019

I have chronic bloating and distention of the abdomen and am very uncomfortable all of the time. I have had a colonoscopy and endoscopy (both negative), have tried a low FODMAP diet for several weeks, with no change. I do take probiotics as well a ginger root and peppermint. I rarely have cramping, except after a bowel movement. After a BM, the distention is more severe for the entire day. My GI doctor is at a lost as to what to do now. It seems much of the GI field is mysterious, and, unfortunately there are no answers for many conditions, including this. Is there anyone out there with similar symptoms? Does anyone have any suggestions for me?
Thank you!

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Hello @faithful55. Yes, I’m still doing acupuncture and physical therapy. Unfortunately due to the amount of scar tissue and the time it’s been there it may take a bit longer. They have both given some relief and sort of showing signs of things softening up, but very little. I did have the colon transit test done and that showed that my colon is not functioning properly. So we can add that to Crohn’s, Gastroparesis, IBS, scar tissue. A whole lot of things working against me. Doing the breath test now to see if any bacteria or anything is hanging around as well…ugh. When that’s done I’m going to try some new herbal pills I’ve been looking into. And if nothing works they are going to give me a temporary colostomy bag ( I can’t remember the medical term they used) that way they can give my insides a “total rest” and hopefully things will work. But it still doesn’t help my Gastroparesis or stopping obstructions. I’m also looking into medical Cbd and thc to see if that will help and not have the side effects pain meds and everything else has. Unfortunately mine is going to take some time and I’m so over it, lol.
On top of that my 12 year old will be having A colonoscopy and endoscopy in a couple weeks because he is having stomach issues. It’s a hot mess at this house, lol, but hoping it all works itself out. Honestly if the doctor is coming up with nothing then I’d try the acupuncture or look into some herbal stuff. My GI doctor is really open for me trying whatever works. He’s more concerned with my health than pushing pills. And I’m so thankful for that. I’m hoping in another month I should be more confident in an answer about the acupuncture. I wish you the best and please let me know how your test turns out. I will let you know if I have a sudden break thru, otherwise I’ll be keeping up with acupuncture and herbal medicine. Something has to work🤞
Good luck and thank you for checking in, it’s been a little crazy here.

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Bentley33, I will keep you and your son in prayer. I will also keep you informed if they find the root cause of my bloating or treatments natural/medical that alleviate the problem. God's blessings


Hey everyone,

Maybe anyone has experienced something similar or has an idea of how to deal with it:

I cannot tolerate any foods containing moderate or high amounts of protein. This started roughly two years ago. Ever since I started having this protein intolerance, my stomach has been permanently bloated with a lot of gas and distension. With any meal and the more protein contained in the meal, the bloating increases. However, the stomach is also bloated when I wake up and does not even return to normal when I fast for a couple of days. Protein from animal sources leads to extreme bloating, so I entirely avoid food, fish, dairy etc. However, plant-based protein is not much less problematic. I can better digest amino acids from supplements, suggesting the breakdown of the proteins is not functioning well. However, tests have shown that there is no lack of enzymes.
The abdominal region is extremely tense. Osteopaths have described how there seems to be a “wall”, which you cannot move around smoothly as you usually should be able to.

I have also had lower back pain for many years. I only have back pain when I sit; walking and lying down is generally unproblematic. The pain is more to the left of the spine. It is not a shooting pain and neither seems to stem from an issue with a nerve or disk. Apart from a minimal scoliosis, the scans of the back did not reveal any diagnosis. It seems that the two issues of stomach and back are likely to be connected, as the back pain reduces when the stomach loosens to some extent.

The final symptom, for which in spite of numerous testing no cause has been identified, are swollen ankles that I have had since the age of around 13. Both ankles are swollen, however the right ankle is more swollen than the left ankle and swelling increases over the course of the day. When I wake up the ankles are swollen already though. Given that I am a 21-year-old male, the swollen ankles are a very unusual symptom – could this also be related to the stomach and back issues?

I would appreciate any advice or sharing of similar experiences!



My current symptoms are VERY similar to your initial post. I sent you a PM. Maybe we can help each other. Hope you are well!


Hi,, I’ve had a fundoliption surgery seems like it has changed ..I had it 10 years ago… I get to full feeling and makes me sick…I’m ready to just stop eating.. and it also affects my breathing..cld it be from the fundoliption?? It feels like my food just sits at the top of my stomach..very miserable 😩


Has your Dr. done a sucrose breath test ? It was the last test and I discovered I had no enzymes activity at all for table sugar ,sucrose and thru elimination diets can't tolerate carbs. This caused constant pregnancy -like bloating. Just an idea.


Hello, the surgeon that did my Nissen fundoplication surgery promised he could help me. It help for a month and then all hell broke loose. I had the gas, bloating, lower abdominal pain, a cycle of constipation and diarrhea. I didn't just have lower bloating but also up high. About 6 months after surgery I had bad acid reflux again. Before the surgery I asked if it didn't work if it could be undone. I was told sure can. After all the side effects and going back to see him several times he said he wouldn't undo but he wanted to do more surgery. At this point I researched and found another doctor. I had my new surgery a little over a month ago and happy to say no bloating, just a little gas but the gas is more food based. Oh, and he undone the Nissen. I can't eat much over a cup of food at a time so I eat little things 5-6 times a day. The doctor says as time goes on, in about a year or 2 I'll start to eat more regular meals because my stomach will stretch. I haven't felt this good in so long. I still have healing pains in the muscle but that's it. The first surgery I went with another doctor's referral. The second time I did a ton of my own research and went with who felt was best for me. Let me know if you have any other questions. Good luck to you.

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Hi Claytamos,
I read your post and was wondering what exactly was the procedure that you had done and if there is a medical terminology for it. I had my Nissan reversal done last February and thought that this would alleviate some of the gas and constipation. The gas build up is not as severe as it was with the Nissan but the constipation remains the same. I had a surgical hernia repair done in June and thought that it may be causing the on going constipation and gas. It is 2 months later and the constipation and gas remains. I'm looking into acupuncture to see if that will help. I appreciate any info that you can give me. Thank you!


SAME. bloated almost all the time. Lately have had enormous amounts of gas and small poops. My mother was like this as long as I could remember and she died like this but she ate differently than I do. I have been following the FODMAP diet as best I can. My husband does the cooking and is so great but I noticed today that peas are a high FODMAP item and we have had them and I have eaten black eyed peas as well. I'll eliminate both. My sister has celiac so I act-as-if I do as well and treat myself as such.


Have you been tested for celiac?


Yes, the doctor told me that celiac in not my problem.


I didn't even ask about celiac. My sister showed celiac on her lab and then was checked with the EGD and colonoscopy and it was verified. It is hereditary. My mother had horrible GI symptoms. I just do the FODMAP diet as carefully as possible. Today, I checked the list of foods again and saw some culprits that could be troublesome so I'm throwing them out. There is a lot I can eat but a lot I can't. I gave up meat and dairy a long way back and dropped a bunch of weight right away. I now have cut down on sugar which I love love. The outcome is that I have NO stiffness anywhere. Who knew? Andrew Weill MD stated once, "When sugar goes in it heats up and turns into much like brittle, think peanut brittle." I have never forgotten it.

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