Serratia Bacterial Infection.

Posted by kimspr3 @kimspr3, Jul 25, 2019

Has anyone have had this serious infection contacted in a hospital?

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Hi @kimspr3 here is more information on serratia bacteria:

Is this an infection you have had?


Yes, thank you Ethan. I didn't think I would hear anyone, whats nice surprise. I had my 1st pain pump implanted short time later there was spinal fluid leaking down my legs, sent to hospital by ambulance, emergency surgery remove pump. Infectious control was very involved. Culture was taken and that was the diagnosis. In hospital 2 wks in step down from ICU. Wondering, having a different kind surgery will I be susceptible to Serratia? I told the surgeon I contacted it. A little worried. Thank You Again. Read medscape.


@kimspr3 Hi Kim! Your post piqued my interest as members in my Group, Mac and bronchiectasis, sometimes get infected with this bacteria (serratia marscessins). I know that it is usually hospital acquired. Were you able to get rid of it? How are you feeling these days?

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