Serrated Polyposis Syndrome (SPS)

Posted by countrygirlusa @countrygirlusa, Dec 17, 2018

I am a 61 year old female diagnosed with SPS after my first screening colonoscopy (no symptoms) 3 years ago. I had 3 clearing scopes in 2016 to remove 25+ polyps and am now on a yearly colonoscopy schedule with less than 15 found in 2017 and 2018. If anyone else out there has this condition, have you found any decrease in polyp growth after making lifestyle/diet changes? I do not smoke and eat a mostly plant based diet since my diagnosis. Thank you!

@countrygirlusa I have heard of what you have. My Dr. said I maybe what is called a Polyp farmer. Someone who's body harvests polyps very quickly. I was getting scoped alot now it has settled down and the Doc says every 3 yrs for screenings. I am not sure why this was happening?
Better that they remove them early..
Wish you the best

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