Serax benzo

Posted by annesj @annesj, Sep 19, 2018

Hi. Anyone tapering Serax (Oxazepam)? Ive taken them for a year (last 6 months daily). I was on 20-25 mg per day. Started to taper 4 weeks ago. I feel horrible! Anxeity, fatigue, depression stomach-issues etc. Dont know if its withdrawal or what? I got Serax for panicattacks and buren out syndrome in the first place. Didnt take them regularly then. That was in May 2017 Then I got new panicattacks half a year after in januari (sadly I dont remember how often I took Serax back then but I guess that ” not taking them/taking them” did this.? So since April I take them regularly. Did not get the same effect (ofcourse) last months. I think I went intro interdose withdrawal this months too. Anyone who would like to give some support or advice or have or have had withdrawal symtoms of Serax ( or on any benzos)?

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So sorry you are feeling so horrible, @annesj , tapering off the oxazepam.

I'd like to introduce you to @tundra @aarniek @mel6415 @vickyann @lg1963 @rosie111 @jakedduck1 and @seeker619, all of whom have mentioned benzodiazepines. @gailb and @gman007 may also have some input on the anxiety, stomach issues, fatigue and deposit you've experienced since starting your taper.

How are you feeling today, @annesj?


I cant say I feel good. Thanks for asking. Hope for some support and inputs about Benzo withdrawals


@tundra I just wonder how you are doing? Im also tapering Oxazepam and have some questions about withdrawal. Does cbd help and did you have any sideeffects in the beginning? Do you have withdrawal symtoms? I think I have to many and have a hard time. Although i was "only" on 20-25 mg a day, half year off and on and now six months back almost daily.


Hi, I am free of neuryl (don't now in english (a benzodiazepine) after 20 years on it. I relay now on cbd oil for that. I never stop the ssri (zoloft) but just the benzodiazepine. For me cbd oul is enough and is helping me not only with anxiety but with brain fog, mood liability, fatigue and sleep patterns. I still help myself with seroquel to induce the sleep but no benzodiazepine at all. This is my 6 month on cbd oil and something strange happened I had 2 nights of mini panic attacks enough to leave me in a bad mindset the whole day and inproductive. I placed a reclaim and they are sending me a new bottle to replace the wrong one. Has anybody experienced that on cbd oil? I am using hempworx and very grateful for it.

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