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Posted by @sepsissister in Cancer, Dec 12, 2011

Is anyone out there living with sepsis? My sister was admitted to the hospital on Nov. 1st with severe abdominal pain. Test found that she had a mass blocking her intestines. I will try to keep this short...she had surgery to remove part of her colon and large & small intestine and the tumor that originated in her appendix, (appendiceal cancer is rare) things were fine for a few days, until the sutures in the intestines let loose, the resulting bile leaking into the stomach cavity caused her to be septic. A colostomy was performed, and she survived the septic shock. She is now home, and trying to recover from the sepsis. She is very frustrated by the lack of strength and energy that she is experiencing. We know so little about this. We do know that it is extremely serious. Is there anyone out there who can share there experience with sepsis?

Tags: Infectious Disease, Cancer

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