Self Catherizing While Traveling

Posted by anonmike @anonmike, Apr 9, 2023

I'm self-catherizing pending further medical review, now doing it for 3 weeks. Going ok, trying different products. Anticipating travel such as on plane and asking how the process gets done on the road. At home I'm on a 4 times a day routine, occasionally 5 and my output pre-catherizing is increasing. I'm on finasteride and generic uroxatral. Thank you for any information you can give.

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Welcome @anonmike, While we wait for members to share their experience with self catherizing while traveling I thought I would share this article on the topic that may be helpful.

--- Flying with Intermittent Catheters: Relax After - Reading These Must-know Tips:

Have you talked to your care team or doctor to see if they might have some suggestions or tips?


Yes, I've talked to the doc/nurse info source for more info.
But I'd like to hear from us on the ground people about practical strategies when away from home. I'd appreciate any information that people are comfortable sharing. Thank you.

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