Seizures and Epilepsy diagnosis after Covid

Posted by earlylonghauler @earlylonghauler, Nov 20 10:04pm

Anyone else get new-onset seizures or Epilepsy diagnosis after Covid? After 3.5 years of long covid I had a new-onset seizure and was diagnosed with Epilepsy. I have read that 1 on 100 people who get Covid may develop seizures or Epilepsy. Where are my peeps?

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You might consider getting tested for celiac disease or other autoimmune disorders that have seizures as a possible symptom. Covid and other viruses/bacteria can trigger autoimmune diseases (knowledge isn't always fun but is fundamental). Keeping a food log to see if you are sensitive to any food groups helps as well. Some recommend a FODMAP diet trial. Good to know if gluten or other foods initiate seizures, which could reduce frequency and medication needs, Your neurology link has a number of articles on celiac. You may not get a lot of responses to your question; there is still a stigma and discrimination associated with epilepsy.


I don't have a new seizure disorder – mine is decades old and largely harmless (I avoid triggers, meditate, etc, and I've been mostly seizure-free since I was 25).

About that 'mostly,' though… I've had seizures come back twice since: once as a medication side effect, and once when I was sick with Covid. I didn't have much of a fever at all, but spent two weeks fading in and out of sleep, and I had some mild seizures several times during those weeks. Afterwards, it went away. 🤷‍♂️ Rona's weird.

I definitely agree with @kayabbott 's recommendation; look into possibilities that you now have a seizure-triggering food or other factor that didn't cause you trouble before. A lot of people have found Covid has almost reset things in their systems – my allergies changed, and I have digestive issues that are starting to look like Crohn's Disease, and neurological problems that my doctor finally diagnosed as chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. I never had any of this before!

Wishing you the best of luck 💙

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