Lung Cancer: Seeking Post-Diagnosis and Possible Treatment Wisdom

Posted by bpb @bpb, Aug 28, 2022


This week I had a lung nodule biopsy procedure at Stanford Health Center and the first results shows lung cancer (well-differentiated adenocarcinoma). He recommended some next steps with tests and consultations. We briefly discussed some possible treatments. Later in the week, I got the lymph node results and they are clear. There was a test showing a low level of PD-L1 protein so if I understand correctly, that means a low likelihood of immunotherapy being effective.

What do you wish you had known after your diagnosis and especially if a lobectomy was/is recommended, what would you have wished to know beforehand?

I am very confident in the care I received & will be sticking with this facility and professionals for care. I am in a strange calm state -- maybe because I finally have an answer after more than 2 months and because I had such good care that gave me confidence.


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Congrats on having clear lymph nodes, that’s great news! It’s encouraging that more cases are being caught in the earlier treatable stages. It sounds like you have the team that you need, and you are mentally ready to dig in and do what’s needed.
Types of lung cancer are so different, I’m not sure that I have advice to offer (I’m on a targeted therapy, no surgery experience), but I do wish you the best on your journey toward a cure and better days ahead! Take care. L

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