Second Opinion Options at Mayo and the Mayo Care Network

Posted by majlesib @majlesib, Dec 15, 2019

Is there a way to get a second opinion on whether or not to have an operation for treating an aneurysm online by sending my MRI and angiogram results over to the experts at Mayo or do I have to physically go there?

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Hello @majlesib,

This must be such a stressful and challenging time – I’m sorry!
Mayo Clinic has a long history of working together with other providers across the globe to solve complex medical challenges. The Mayo Clinic Care Network (MCCN) helps keep care local and in many cases, spares patients the expense and inconvenience of additional appointments and unnecessary travel. Mayo Clinic specialists work together with physicians, consulting and sharing resources to complement physician expertise –

– eConsults. Providers within the care network can connect electronically with Mayo Clinic specialists and subspecialists to ask questions about a patient's care. The consultation is documented in the patient's medical record. There is no additional cost to the patient.
– AskMayoExpert. This point-of-care tool gives providers access to Mayo-vetted information, including disease management protocols, care guidelines, treatment recommendations and reference materials. The information is available on desktop computers or mobile devices 24/7.
– eBoard Conferences. Members can observe and participate in live, interactive video conferences where Mayo multidisciplinary teams and network members discuss management of current complex cases. Current offerings include access to eTumor Boards, as well as our Inflammatory Bowel Disease eBoard.
– Inpatient Telephone Consults. An Inpatient Telephone Consult is an informal telephone conversation, provider to provider, regarding the treatment of a hospitalized patient that requires semi-urgent to urgent intervention. There is no additional cost to the patient.
– Health Care Consulting. Network members can consult with Mayo Clinic experts in patient care, human resources, finance, and other administrative and operational areas. Members customize their own consulting plans to support their unique strategic priorities.
At Mayo Clinic, the neurology departments have an access program for the following cerebrovascular conditions:
Unruptured brain aneurysms
Brain or Spinal AVM
Moyamoya Disease

Experts at the Mayo Clinic can help you navigate your healthcare journey, answer your questions and guide you through the treatment plan. When you call at any of our 3 campuses, you will be offered an appointment within 48 hours
Be sure to mention the Cerebrovascular access program.

Here’s some additional information about brain aneurysm care at Mayo Clinic:


Hello @majlesib and welcome to Connect!

I hope that the information provided by Kanaaz will help your medical providers in your seeking a second opinion about your aneurysm. I can imagine how stressful this must me.

I look forward to hearing more from you again. How long ago was your aneurysm diagnosed? What type of surgery is your current doctor considering?


I would have your doctor call for a physician’s consult with the appropriate doctor. I had my neurologist contact the neuro-immunologist who is my primary doctor. Mayo declines many cases and only takes the most complex cases that they believe cannot be properly handled by doctors outside of Mayo Clinic. I’d this is you, you want your doctor to call and advocate for why your case fits into this category. All three of my doctors explained that they just don’t have the capacity to handle every request, so the cases that they believe they can do more for patients than outside doctors.

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