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Posted by ina3 @ina3, Feb 18, 2019

Hi everyone,

The more I read things on the forum and than do a research, more I realize that I dont know many things about my dad’s lung cancer prognoses. My dad is getting treatment in Istanbul and Georgia but feel like it’s not enough and I need to do smth more.

I really would like to get a second opinion for my dad from US. Is there any agency, hospital who does remote second opinion?

I would love to send everything what we have, PET, CT, MRI results, all type of tests that we have done, even biopsy material and get the full report of his diagnosis, prognoses and treatment.

Unfortunately, he cannot come in US and that’s why I want to find out remote option. He can go to Europe and any recommendation on best clinics in Europe for lung cancer would be great too.


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@ina3 – I am unfamiliar with how to advise you on this so I will turn this over to @colleenyoung , our director.
I hope that your father is at least comfortable and pain free.
Colleen- can you advise how to proceed.


Hi @ina3, Mayo Clinic researchers were able to demonstrate the value of second opinions. You may be interested in reading this:
– Mayo Clinic researchers demonstrate value of second opinions

Mayo Clinic does treat international patients. You can read more about International Services here:
Mayo Clinic specialists have experience collaborating with doctors all over the world. Patients often receive a diagnosis at Mayo Clinic and then receive subsequent treatment in their own countries. In such cases Mayo Clinic doctors work closely with the patient's local doctor to guarantee that the best treatment alternative is considered. You may find these frequently asked questions to be helpful:
There are many excellent cancer centers in Europe. Lung Cancer Europe (LUCE) produces many reports about the state of lung cancer care in Europe. Hopefully one of these reports will help with your decision making

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