Scrotum turned red

Posted by phoenix1647 @phoenix1647, Jan 13, 2021

I noticed a few days ago that my scrotum has turned red. Part of the penis is also red. There is no itch and no pain. At times, the blood vessels are very pronounced. I am not sure how long this has been going on. I did have surgery in December where the groin area on both sides had been shaved and scrubbed for a heart cath. I do not know for a fact that the solution they used to clean the groin area caused my issue. PCP seem to think it had to be the solution and did not seem very concerned about it. Anyone else have this issue? What can I do to get it fixed? I did get some blood work done and all came back negative. Same with urine test. Thanks

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Phoenix, The hospital needs to make contact with the Manufacturer for purpose of checking their premarket tests. Then they need to advise you on how to rid you of the Red effect. As might be expected they likely will point to their admission form that we sign when we check-in for treatment as a relief from any further liability.


Saw urologist today. She said to just leave it alone. Not to put anything on it. It should get better on it's own. We will see.

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