SCC HPV+ on right tonsil and nodes treatment plan.

Posted by sandralea58 @sandralea58, Oct 28, 2022

Hi all. My 70 year young husband has been diagnosed with SCC HPV+ on right tonsil, only detected by lump on neck. RO says N1. He will undergo 35 rounds of 70g radiation and was offered 2 cycles of cisplatin 3 weeks apart (standard care treatment). We understand that HPV+ responds very well to radiation, and given his age the cisplatin is not highly recommended. Anyone in his situation have similar decisions to make regarding treatment.

Thank you for sharing.

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Hi. There is another chemo drug they can offer if the risk from the cisplatin is too great. Our Cancer Centre here in BC did not offer it. Those with hearing loss before treatment should really be aware. My husband’s tonsil/base of tongue cancer was HPV+. He received only radiation as his treatment plan. He declined the chemo offered. His PET scan is early April. I will post the outcome. He managed fine with the radiation. Not a cake walk by any means, but he followed all the recommendations from his team. The SLP was very important and the exercises given were a blessing. His RD watched his weight, and he got through without a feeding tube. Magic Mouthwash helped significantly, and moisturizing the neck was very important. Mentally, I believe all cancer diagnosis are difficult for the patient and the caregiver/spouse and family. During this period in society, where a lot of visits are virtual and without human touch, it made things more difficult and were dearly missed. I wish you and your dad well!

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It is good to hear the optimism in your words. Thank you. We (my husband) will have tonsillar surgery and lymph node dissection surgery in April. I'm trying not to read too much, but just enough to be prepared for the recovery phase and what comes after your words were very important to me today. Thank you.

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