Scar tissue remains two years after TKR & Manipulation of Right Knee

Posted by marthajean @marthajean, Feb 11, 2019

I stopped all therapy at the end of 2017 – just gave up. Subsequently I hired a personal trainer for six months. The trainer focused on squats, utilizing weights without machines and other exercise without machines. This training did help my mobility (my flexion was not measured as in physical therapy but my mobility improved). I only did it on weekends but had to give it up due to scheduling. The improvement I gained has since been lost. Most recently I started taking baths using Epsom salts (magnesium) in a jetted tub. I don't know if this does anything but sometimes I feel slight discomfort in the right knee, which to me seems like a positive thing; most times I don't feel any discomfort but feel more flexible. I sometimes follow this with 30 minutes in a hot tub (I don't know if this helps but it feels good), whenever the weather cooperates as the hot tub is outdoors and I reside in the Poconos. Can anyone shed some light on these two and any other procedure that does not require surgery or physical therapy. Also, I cannot ride a stationery bike; cannot make the turn with my right knee. I am wondering about trying a leg press in the gym but have not done so at this time.

@marthajean Have you tried initially moving the seat all the way back? I had to do that initially and then I could gradually move it forward over a few weeks.
Also, I would check on the leg press with my ortho or PT person. It looks like it would be a great thing to do but my doctor and physical therapist told me to not do it. I am not sure why really. I can only assume that they are afraid it would come back at me with too much force and possibly cause a problem.


Hi @marthajean – I just had a left TKR on 1/29/19. My right one was done 4/18/17. At this point with my recently replaced knee, I'm just doing in-home PT. I do several bending and stretching exercises along with 10 minutes on the stationary bike and a walk outside using my cane. However, I remember that as part of the PT for my right TKR, I did leg presses when I started out-patient PT. Of course my therapist was right there to watch me, but there were no problems with that. I agree with @contentandwell about moving the seat of your stationary bike. That is one of the exercises I do daily, whether my therapist is here or not. Also, when I was just recovering and couldn't push the pedal all the way through, my therapist suggested just going back and forth as far as I could to loosen it up… then when it felt like I could extend enough do it with a backward instead of forward pedaling motion. That helped me get started. And even now if I am especially stiff, I try that little exercise to loosen up before I go at it full throttle. I'm wondering whether you are having more problem with the range of motion and mobility, or is pain your biggest issue?

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