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Wondering how many of you suffer from scar tissue with flexion zero and only 80-85 degrees? I had one knee manipulated to 120 degrees and no gain in therapy. 2 Dr tell me to live with it, scar tissue grows back if you have surgery, additional trauma to the knee and my one Dr does not want to make them worse. I really struggle living like this and trying to find viable solution that can improve my life.

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Hi, @buickturboman
I have had two TKRs, different years, different doctors. My flex is at around 120°, give or take a bit. I have been told by the orthopedist who did my second TKR in October 2017 that I could have lysis to improve the flex a bit but I haven't bothered because that too requires rehab. The other thing is that I am older so it doesn't seem worth the effort.

With the low flex that you have, I would very definitely seek another opinion, preferably with a doctor at a large medical facility, teaching hospitals tend to be best. I live in southern NH and but I go to Boston for pretty much all of my specialists. I know people who have tremendous success with orthopedic doctors in Boston, but even then, check them out. It can be difficult to find other people who have gone to a doctor who is not local but there are a number of rating sites. I only trust them if that doctor has many reviews, not just a few. Also, you can check the doctor's credentials. The doctor I used for my second TKR seems to have all very happy, satisfied patients. I cannot imagine going to anyone else now.

Good luck with this, I truly hope you are able to get some relief. I know how miserable it can be to have the flex you would like to have, and mine is better than yours so I'm not surprised that you are having problems with it.

Thank you