Satiation versus Hunger: recently problematic. What are FILLING foods?

Posted by dowagerginger @dowagerginger, Mar 3, 2021

I am not sure where to find the science for food craving.
I have always been a very active eat-what-I-want person. My diet happily includes butter and salts and sugars while giving nod to dietary restrictions. I dont eat highly processed foods since they are often fortified or added with Iron/VitC.
I have no health concerns other than hereditary conditions and childhood injury (lung damage and asthma) and allergies. Vitals have no variance and are all on low side except sugar. Blood Pressure avg 95/60, Cholesterol(124), Blood Sugar levels . It has run 99 since I was 14 no matter what I eat or drink with exception of my 15 pregnancy it jumped to 120s 4 weeks before delivery. I am not yet in menopause. last full panel was 2019.
I am now in my 50s and 2 sizes over my norm. I dont bother with weight watching since my competition and military weight was 160. My BMI is jumped up to 27 according to my smart scale.
I follow low iron, migraine trigger avoidance, measured lactose. zero tolerance latex. The moderate restrictions is against iron binders(ie vitamin c), high iron, tryamines (most aged foods) and nitrate salts.
The type migraines I have are aural Vestibular and Hemophilic. Rarely cluster. Hereditary hemochromatosis, mild ITP are in the package
I take extra potassium&calcium and low dose hydroxychloroquine added to my migraine controls and steroids (prednisolone syrup, metaproterenol fluticasone, abuterol). Gabapentin for my type migraines as well as use as needed morphine 15mg 2-3x a year for same, vicodin as needed. Possible on new med for my autism OCD in a few months.

I had a severe injury 2 years ago and couldn’t return to my normal activities until leg and shoulder healed last year but of course my gym closed then bankrupted. Thx WuFlu! Locally had a wild fire that simply going outside and drawing breath was a herculean task; so had some substantial weight gain.
I have always been a huge eater compared to another person of my size. When I tried joining my former BF on calorie counting Atkins diet I near died. I didnt have energy to stay awake and was tired in any activity after 30 min. Also triggered a lot of migraines. da heck with that!
But in past year food doesnt please or fill me as expected. I never before ate til stuffed or sick before, regardless of anxiety.
I am looking for appetite control and planned diet until I am active enough. why.. health? beauty? lol! No.. because I am cheapskate. I do not replace a closet worth of found favorite clothes because I puffed up! Mostly a ring around my middle and some cutlets along bicep&thigh.

Breakfast.. 6-8 am (heaviest meal of the day usually):
usually 12oz mug of coffee with teaspoon cocoa&3oz creme {{14cal+150cal}} Plus:

_ 3 cup cooked Oatmeal-2tbl salted Butter-2tbl berries-2tbl of sugar OR 3tbl table cream (cream is sweet too.sometimes flavored yogurt instead of butter&creme&sugar). Yogurt version is the most satisfying.[#6 full yet can be hungry later anyway{{{450+200+40/450+120/450+33}}}
highest meal ttl= 854 plus possible 300-500

_1 sandwich, slice cheese on muffin or bagel (for on the go and normally slight hunger #4 so often end up eating snack before lunch if busy)
{{{300cal in muffin 500 with bagel}}}
highest meal ttl= 664 plus ***snack usually is in 300-500 calorie range

_3 cups of a solid cereal (like bran flakes or shredded wheat) with either 2% or whole milk, as minimal as possible [#5 do not need snack unless active]
Highest meal total= 690 plus possible 300-500

_4-6 slices of french toast with butter & maple syrup (not corn syrup) occasionally with a side meat of 3-4oz [#5 number depends on bread type. Can eat til bursting up to 8 slices because taste preference. Purposely eat no more than 6.] PS use apx 1/4 cup syrup heated with 1/4 stick butter 206+203
{{160-195 per slice-fav bread =1050cal+409===1459cal}}{{add 300-500 cal worth of bacon, ham or sausage but that is infrequent to budget}}
highest meal total= 1623 (+500). I don’t snack before lunch tho.

_2 pancakes (usually split to minis) with butter and syrup [#4 not content but prep time and mess makes it a rare treat. If side dishes eaten will be #5 full]
{{apx 500/2 8 in panckaes worth batter= 525+409}}
highest meal total= 1098 plus possible 300-500 in side dish or later ***snack

_4 waffles with butter and syrup [#5 content. Prep time and amount for family controls numbers, dont like to eat cold so will eat later if I get hungry]
{{based on my mix 355/waffle 2130 +topping409}}
highest meal total= 2703 plus*** 300-500 (315 maple sausage)

_8 mini donuts(on the go) [#5 full. but cant eat even one more or will feel sick, could maybe eat one less and be happy, the package splits to that number. btw they are chocolate base regardless of coating flavor. usually plain. Usually need an apple with cheese stick or dry salami before lunch.

_3 egg+tblspoon milk add to saute chorizo and 1/4 cup potato and 2 oz fresco cheese burrito large [fill#6. rarely need heavy snack apple will do]
{{757 filling +320 flour}}
highest meal ttl= 1405

I drink my tea with no sugar and cream.. it makes a negligible12 calorie difference if I dont use cocoa.

calories do not seem to be the main factor for full. So is it fat versus carbs? Or Protein?
Protein is hard since I have to be moderate in hi-Iron food, legumes (peanuts, soy, certain beans are big offenders), dried beans (tyrimates), produce that requires ripening (like peaches, avocadoes, bananas) and certain nuts; as well as a measurement of compromises of what kind of dairy to have when (and DAIRY is my Achilles after cocoa. Even if it gives me bad skin, bloating and dark baggy eyes when I over indulge.. I can’t resist. I try to keep dairy down so it is free use for beverage add or breakfast)

When in sports competition is was not unusual for me to eat around 7300 calories in the day And I am a ghost if I drop below 2000.
I want to make a fulfilling diet around 3000-3500 calories until i am active again.. but I am not sure what to replace the carbs with…
proteins or unprocessed fats?
Should I stick to the usually higher calorie meals that keep from snacking or the ones that the snacking ends up more calories before lunch?
I also want to split to 4 meals since we are awake from 5 am to midnight to prevent snacking on wrong items. current average is about 3900 calories/day

Where can one find Diets by Type? and what are some filling foods that ‘stay’ with you lists?

I am not in a panic. As I restart my yoga, then PT regimen it will go away.. I just want to avoid adding more in the meantime.
Specially if I cut breads/pastas, what can replace it? I dont drink pop often, nor corn products except tortillas and kernel.
Rice, Potatoes and Pinto beans are our go-to main meals in daytime. Chicken or ground beef optional.
Not any daily intake on pastries or snack chips either. We don’t eat red meat or viscera often either. We did last summer consume more than usual, daily soda and snacks. Also crappy arse bologna and hot dogs with daily sweet cereals because lockdown we are in rural area, our only groceries if under 60 miles is a dollar general

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I enjoy eggs, and so a combo of 4 eggs, guacamole and cream cheese for breakfast is really filling. It seems that with your high-carb options you might be having blood sugar crashes. Sounds like you're tried Atkins but I have found low-carb with high healthy, filling fats gives me lots of energy and I can eat until I'm full. It does take some people up to a month to convert from carb-fueled to fat-burning, but then the great thing is you're carrying your fuel with you everywhere.

Lots of ultramarathoners use LCHF because they don't need to refuel, even on a 100-mile run. But they don't do that until after they have become keto-adapted.


;_; guacamole. Waa I miss avocadoes, they taste different when cooked . My current diet selection is bread/starch carb heavy so I look for alternative yet available replacers. I loved and used a lot of his Atkins recipes.. I loooove the Indian Coconut Chicken. But the portions were killin me. My sugar doesn't veer too much on average (rare drops to 95 or rise to 101. I picked up habit from x checking sugar all the time and checking me) but is also sensitive to drops. It is hard to keep the energy up without using a lot of starchy foods but I can cheat a little while doing low movement yoga. Maybe need to keep more hardboiled eggs available as snacks


@dowagerginger I'm certainly no expert on nutrition, but just reading what you are eating makes me feel tired. I have so much more energy since I gave up sugar, bread, pasta, refined carbohydrates, and processed food. Eating sugar, bread, pasta, etc. makes me really hungry…and tired. it doesn't fill me up. I'm sold on the ketogenic eating program or a low carbohydrate high fat diet. For me eating more fat really suppresses my appetite and fills me up. The other thing that is giving me energy, suppressing my appetite, and filling me up is drinking tea. It might be helpful for you to meet with a dietician who can help you understand how what you are eating is impacting your body, discuss eating plan options, and help you devise a program that will work for you. Good luck!


They use naloxone in opiate recovery, it's not an opiate but it's for alcoholics too because it gets rid of the cravings. It does so by shutting down the cravings center of the brain. They have mixed naloxone with the drug Wellbutrin and turned it into a weight loss pill. Naloxone or naltrexone also is used in what's called LDN treatment. low dose natrexone treatment. Low doses taken at night use binding to opiate receptors and the wakefulness of your immune system while your sleep has been shown to improve symptom from autoimmune diseases and many other problems

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