Anyone have Salzmann nodular degeneration?

Posted by Dee @udas, Jun 22, 2022

Does anyone have this condition? Have you been treated to correct your vision? How was it treated? Did your vision improve?
I have had cataract surgery and my vision is worse than before the cataract surgery and supposedly that is due to the Salzmann nodule condition. Are there any new procedures that will correct the situstion? I am interested in any comments from people with this condition.

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Welcome @udas. This article describes some of the treatment options available.
– Salzmann nodular degeneration: prevalence, impact, and management strategies

Were you only made aware that you have Salzmann nodular degeneration after the cataract surgery failed? Did your ophthalmologist say that corrective surgery may be possible for you?


I was told I had Salzmann Nodule, but not told it might affect my vision after cataract surgery. I was told by Wolfe Clinic that they would not guarantee better vision if they did my other eye for cataract surgery. no mentionwas made of an ability to fix the eye that has had the cataract surgery.

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