Sacroilliac Joint Pain & Fusion

Posted by Oh My Aching Back & Neck @jmweissler, Aug 19, 2019

Hi. I am a 62 yo male. I fractured my L5/S1 which resulted in Spondylolisthesis in 1998. Had lumbar fusion. Suffered in severe pain until 2008 at which time I had exploratory surgery. Ends up I didn't fuse at all due to have a severe case of Osteoporosis. Since then I have had 11 lumbar fusions (PLIF, ALIF, XLIF) from T12 to S1. In addition, in late 2018, My cervical spine went & I had anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF) from C4 to C7. Now it seems that my my SI joints are shot as they are bearing the weight of my upper body that my spine was supposed to do. I have had 4 SI joint ESI's & RF ablation with no relief. It seems as if I am heading for bilateral SI Joint fusion. My question is, what is the post-op & recovery like? I am very limited in my pain med usage due to prior opioid usage. How long before the other side can be done? They won't do both at the same time. Anyone ever have a hip replaced at the same time? Thanks in advance for your responses & I stand with you all as Pain Warriors! 🙂


Hi. I had open sacropelvic fusion in Oct. 2019. This was my 17 th fusion over 12 surgeries. SI joint pain can come from many sources. Was your surgery Minimally Invasive or Open. Do U have instrumentation? Healing takes a year at least. I still have si joint pain & expect that it will never go away but it is much better than before the surgery.

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Thanks for your advice, I just read your posts re: your SI and fusions. I can’t imagine going through what you did. So you’re pain is better since your SI fusion? I had an L4-5 fusion in January, it’s been 3 months. I believe I had the TLIF, with a bone graft from my IC, he added bone growth stimulator; my scar is about 6 inches long, so I don’t know which one that means I had, open or MI.
I have DDD, and osteoarthritis, osteopenia when checked 2 years ago. I have rods and screws.

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