Sparing mastectomy/Diep - What was your recommended follow-up?

Posted by sandyjr @sandyjr, Sep 14, 2020

I have just completed bilateral skin sparing mastectomy with diep reconstruction after having DCIS (2007) in one breast, IDC (2018) in the other breast and discovery or CHEK2 genetic mutation (2019). My breast surgeon is telling me that I will need follow up mamos and MRIs. If you have had this surgery and diep reconstruction, what have you been doing or what does your doctor advise you to do for follow up treatment? I was under the impression that these would not be needed.

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@tperez, I believe @sandyjr looked into insurance coverage for laser hair removal after diep flap. She may have more to share.

Have you talked to your insurance company about it already?

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@colleenyoung thank you very much for the reply. I'll ask @sandyjr about this. I have a consult with my team coming up and want to ask them about their recommendations and whether they would be willing to make a referral for this service for me. Then I will be reaching out the my insurance member services to see if they will cover it.

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