Routine care after skin sparing mastectomy/diep reconstruction

Posted by sandyjr @sandyjr, Sep 14 3:11am

I have just completed bilateral skin sparing mastectomy with diep reconstruction after having DCIS (2007) in one breast, IDC (2018) in the other breast and discovery or CHEK2 genetic mutation (2019). My breast surgeon is telling me that I will need follow up mamos and MRIs. If you have had this surgery and diep reconstruction, what have you been doing or what does your doctor advise you to do for follow up treatment? I was under the impression that these would not be needed.

Hi Sandyjr, I had (multifocal) DCIS stage 0 with a mastectomy and DIEP reconstruction in 2019. I was told ( and had) mamo and ultrasound only on the opposite side from mastectomy.

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I am currently doing neoadjuvent (sp?) chemo and then will have either skin sparing or skin/nipple sparing double mastectomy. I was told that breast exams and blood work would be the only routine follow up care… if a lump or something suspicious the ultrasound and mri. I am doctoring with Mayo.


I am one of 4 sisters with CHEK2. My oldest sister
Had Breast cancer at 40 and at 67. She didn’t have the option at 40 for Double Mastectomy. The at age
68 She got papillary Thyroid cancer. I got Papillaey
Thyroid Cancer in 2015 at age 64. After much counseling by Mayo clinic Gene Mutation for breast, Thyroid and Colon and now Kidneys. I opted for Prophylactic Bilateral Mastectomies. They remove areola and nipples and then had Diep Flap reconstruction 9 1/2 hours with Mayo breast surgeon and two Micro Plastic surgeons. I did this because there was no testing later for breasts, but I did not have breast cancer. Make sure you get routine colonoscopy, Thyroid scans, and Kidneys
which i am dealing with now. Make sure the surgeons you have especially the micro Plastic Surgeons have done this many times. It is not an easy surgery by any means. I was in IC U for 5 days. My results were great but have heard of many
Diep Flaps failing. God Bless

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