Does the Mayo Rochester team communicate with Mayo Jacksonville team?

Posted by calcav25 @calcav25, Feb 15, 2022

I recently spent a week in Mayo Rochester to begin confirming a previous diagnosis and correcting others. I had planned to fly out Tuesday after a week of tests. I had one more appointment on Wednesday which could be a telehealth so I took that and flew on back. I had some procedures which could be locally performed so I asked the doctors to recommend at the Mayo Jacksonville clinic as I am closer and the recoveries would be long. My question is does the Mayo Clinic in Rochester team communicate with Mayo Jacksonville?

I really enjoyed my doctors at Rochester and was wondering if their systems were able to communicate between each other. I previously was going to Emory and had unsatisfactory doctors so would prefer to move my care and this would seem to be easier.

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Welcome, @calcav25. You'll be pleased to know that teams from all Mayo Clinic campuses (locations) use the same system called EPIC. So teams can communicate seamlessly regardless of location with everyone looking at the same files, notes and testing results, etc. The cross team collaboration that Mayo Clinic is reknown for extends to teams across campuses.

Calcav, do you also use the patient portal and the Mayo app?


Yes I do use it. Thank you so much! That will make everything so much easier.


Being a patient in Rochester and in Jacksonville, I found that I have to get the two groups together. I am seeing a gynecologist in Jacksonville, and she had questions about my blood glucose levels. I asked my Rochester endocrinologist to talk to the Jacksonville doctor, and they now communicate pretty well with each other.


Hi! I am from Florida. I had my heart surgeries in Rochester and now have all my follow up care at Jacksonville. My drs at Rochester all can easily view my scans and make any recommendations to my drs here. I have been so happy with the care from Mayo at both places!

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