Revlimid and colonoscopy.

Posted by jrsav @jrsav, Oct 27 6:20am

I had a colonoscopy 7:30 am, yesterday.
I don't think proper attention was given to the fact that I am on Revlimid and already had diarrhea.

It's been terrible since.

I should have quit Revlimid until I had the colonoscopy. Or just skipped the colonoscopy.

If you're having diarrhea related to Revlimid, I recommend being very careful about how you go about the cleansing associated with a colonoscopy.

This is terrible. I'm wide open to suggestions.

I'm choosing to NOT add a photo. You can thank me later

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@jrsav So, I'll say "thank you" in lieu of a picture! I have been on a break from Revlimid since May for my multiple myeloma, but I continue to have gastric upset. It could be a new-permanent-for-me thing, could be a side effect of dialysis, or meds, or everything combined! I know it is not real comfortable.

Thank you on behalf of all of us on Revlimid, for letting us know your experience. Is a bland diet helping at all? Or perhaps the anti-nausea meds your dr prescribed previously?


I have heard the side effects of Revlimid progressively worsen and can sometimes be permanent.

I'm doing much better today

I took the max of all the antidiarrheals I had here.
Cholesterimine, Clobestol, and the over the counter stuff.

I got the diarrhea stopped.
I just hope I'm not stopped up now.

I'm kind of scared for the next movement. I'm still very tender. LOL

A. Lot of preparation H hasn't helped much

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