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Reverse shoulder replacement

Posted by @mimi99, Wed, Aug 1 7:55am

I am scheduled for this surgery in September. I have been putting it off as long as possible, because I am worried about recovery. I don’t have a lot of help and am very concerned with how well I will be able to handle daily living activities with the shoulder immobilizer. If anyone has gone through this recovery process, I would appreciate any advice or input you may have.


Hello @mimi99. If you don't mind me asking, what is a reverse shoulder replacement? Are they removing components from a shoulder replacement? One shoulder or both shoulders?

I can understand the concern about being in an immobilizer and what you will be able to do because I am still in recovery from shoulder surgery myself for a torn rotator. I am one week in to my range-of-motion PT after six weeks of being in an immobilizing sling. It is frustrating and exhausting how slowly it is going and it is hard to notice gains from day-to-day. I'm as mentally fatigued right now as I am physically.


I certainly understand why your hesitant. I’m worried about the recovery also. I take care of my Mom. The doctors want me to have bilateral shoulder replacement surgery but I’ve been putting it off for a long time and will put it off as long as possible depending how well I can move them and the pain. The doctor told me a full recovery would take a year.
Has your rotator cuff been injured or have you had fractures? I know there are other reasons for a reverse. Do you know why there’re doing a reverse? You’ll probably have better range of motion with a reverse.
I’ll probably have the conventional procedure not the reverse. When and if.


In a conventional replacement the artificial ball and socket are placed in their normal anatomical positions (ball on the end of the humerus and the socket on the scapula) In a reverse the ball and socket are switched. (ball on the end of the scapula and the socket on the humerus)

I have had various shoulder surgeries over the course of several years. A few years back I had a partial shoulder replacement done by a local shoulder specialist that did not turn out very well. After about a year of trying to find out what was wrong I went to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida. I have great faith in the doctors at the Mayo Clinics! I had a total shoulder replacement done there. NO PROBLEMS! They followed up with the best physical therapy in my home. I highly recommend them.

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